Our Story

 It all started by buying some glitter from a co-worker who had just started a Canadian glitter company with her bestie.  Of course I had to buy some!  But then the dilemma arose, what should I do with it??

I've always been a crafter at heart.  When I was young, I wasn't allowed to own glitter, much less play with it, because glitter was "messy".  I started googling to see different ways glitter is used and then I stumbled upon the tumbler community.  I was hooked after seeing all the different options for making tumblers.

And thus, my journey as a glitter tumbler maker began.  I started looking into epoxy and quickly decided it was not for me, with the need for PPE, the long turning times after coating tumblers and the messes I might make while creating...wait, the messes I would make while crafting.  Add a curious cat into that mix who would likely brush against wet tumblers.  All I saw was a disaster waiting to happen.  

Enter Hyperion and I knew I found a match made in heaven.  Do messes happen with Hyperion?  They sure do and they are a breeze to handle and clean up.

I'm now stepping outside of my comfort zone (tumblers) and finding other ways to put Hyperion to use.  I hope you'll join me on this journey.  If you've made it this far use "ABOUTUSBONUS" in the coupon code for a surprise one time discount!